The Restorative Community effect provides an inclusive process where the poor can join with the established when revitalization projects are considered or implemented.  Our relaunching process includes vibrant agriculture-based economies, our main street communities, and the shared revitalizing of our diverse neighborhoods through ownership and growth from within avoiding the gentrification practice.  By using the pillars of farm-to-table based agriculture products, whole systems approach and local socio-economic impact analysis, we will help re-traditionalize small business owners and maximize the positive impact within our local communities.  This ROI-focused process will lean into 4 key areas to unlock the value in our region: ownership, capital, skills and natural resources.

CRD Analytics, the New York Institute of Dance & Education, and Reaching for Higher Ground Consulting join together in order to create well-rounded human impact incubation and sustainable outcomes in each community.  Michael Muyot and Sean McLeod are a dynamic duo with a yin and yang relationship of analytical mastery and process systems management for Muyot and message delivery, product design, and powerful motivation learned from the world class performing arts for McLeod. Using Emotional Development and Personality Development forged at NYIDE, Sean and Michael provide communities with tangible inspiration, engagement pathways, and sustainable impact that is at the core of helping citizens rebirth their communities.

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