The Kaleidoscope Dance Theatre is an innovative impact, professional multicultural dance company that has touched the lives of thousands and thousands of people with it’s tangible messaging and life change work in CNY, NYC, New York State, across the Nation, and around the Globe. An achievement that makes it special, is that it was founded in a diversity challenged part of New York State and 26 years later, has become a shining example of how to address racial, women and girls, and equality issues with out losing the faith and support of the people in the majority.

Kaleidoscope Dance Theatre’s mission is to illustrate through the arts the abundant resources and enrichment, which minority persons, women, and people of color bring to our lives and community. The NYC and Auburn Based Dance Company has had an incredible impact through a variety of projects, including the Annual New York Dance Festival, Concerts, Multicultural Initiatives, Assemblies, and Workshops for students and adults throughout the region and the world.