The Impact: After the Concert

Embracing a process for 'We the People'
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Create Dialogue & Action

Our intent is to engage youth and members of  the community, business leaders, and policy makers in dialogue and action around key issues of the day: equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace, fair wages and benefits, access to capital regardless of race, gender, or ethnicity – all manifestations of the human right to be free.

Customized Menu of Formats & Activities

Offer a menu of optional formats of its presentations and participatory activities each designed to best suit the needs of  the audience, the community, and our sponsors.  Whether it be the full breadth Harriet Tubman Freedom Music Festival concert event, or a more intimate “A Soundtrack for Harriet Tubman – Acoustic” setting, there are several formats to custom fit and deliver the message.

Take Action

Using custom follow up, including but not limited to, Leadership Workshops, Executive Round Tables, Consultation, and Continued Access for the underserved, we are able to create lasting change.  We can show the community how to be able to make these changes in a system based approach that can keep them flushed with revenue & teaches them to be self-sufficient because they can create a product that is needed in their local community.