Communication between parents, teachers, administrators, and students is the most constant challenge in education today.  What should be taught in school, who’s responsible, and who makes the final determinations?  What we have today across the country is not working.  Through a process we deliver with our National Community Project, the New York Institute of Dance & Education – NYIDE, uses the concern of a community and installs a Personality retraining that puts in place a communication process that can be used to address and solve countless scenarios. Whether through a collaboration with the district itself, a local community center, an after school program, or a training for teachers and administrators, this process has over 25 years of personal stories of repaired lives to show its worthiness. Using McLeod Technique Principles and the more than 25 year tested process, teachers & administrators, parents, staff, and students all learn how to address fears, acceptance, and gather valuable life lessons that help everyone walk away empowered.  The school environment will have never been so good, and the relationships formed  beneficial to everybody.  The mark of an effective and inclusive approach.

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