Women & Girls

The New York Institute of Dance & Education has created a powerful conversation and next step action plan which helps women and girls learn to appreciate themselves again.  Our lessons in behavior control, life skill development, and healthy comparison based evaluation tools, help teach the pit falls of falling for boys or men that are selfish, hurtful, and manipulators.  The Harriet Tubman Freedom Music Festival on Tour provides a larger platform for us and our partners to train women and girls in tell tale signs that a person is not who they say they are.  We show them how to keep their eyes on the prize of education and self sufficiency. With this delivery process family connections are started or rebuilt through family mediation. Parents learn to use our MT Principles to understand, control scenarios, and guide their children to becoming happier people who are part of a family unit. Teachers classrooms are now safe spaces with well understood parameters that hold. This foundational mold quickly changes the chemistry of the student population, teacher parent relationship, and schools starts to recover.

How is this Achieved?


Let us show you