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A Soundtrack for Harriet Tubman Stuyvesant Heights Church - Banner
A Soundtrack for Harriet Tubman: Bedford – Stuyvesant 

Date:                  February 27, 2022
Time:                  6:00 PM EST
Location:          Stuyvesant Heights Christian Church
                              69 MacDonough St, Brooklyn, NY 11216

As a pillar of the community for 93 years, and in celebration of the 200th year bicentennial of Harriet Tubman’s birthday and Black History Month: Stuyvesant Heights Christian Church is partnering with the Kaleidoscope Dance Theatre to bring Sean McLeod’s “A Soundtrack for Harriet Tubman” concert with McLeod and jazz legend Wycliffe Gordon to Bed-Stuy.  

This event celebrates “What it Means to Be Free,” and plants seeds of opportunity for new connection through blues, jazz and the gospel music Harriet Tubman loved. 

Harriet Tubman Freedom Awards - National (1)
Harriet Tubman Freedom Awards & VIP Reception

Date:                        July 16 2022
Time:                       TBA
Location:                TBA

Join us as we acknowledge an incredible slate of honorees who’s outstanding commitment to others is the embodiment of the characteristics that made Harriet Tubman who she was.  Recipients of the Harriet Tubman Freedom Award have “impact of life” in their work, but most important, have personal interaction track records with a deeply open and accepting “heart song”.   Their continued work and dedication means they are contributors to “the Celebration of  What It Means To Be Free”.


Harriet Tubman Freedom Music Festival - 2022 - Small Rectangle
Harriet Tubman Freedom Music Festival

Date:                        July 16 2022
Time:                       TBA
Location:                TBA

“A World Class Celebration of What It Means to Be Free” in Honor of Harriet Tubman and Central New York’s history in leading the Freedom movement.  The Harriet Tubman Freedom Music Festival invites the world to celebrate freedom! 

The Tubman Music Festival is part of the New York Dance Festival and hosted by two businesses of color, the New York Institute of Dance & Education and the Kaleidoscope Dance Theatre! The concert finale features “A Soundtrack for Harriet Tubman” composed by International Producer and CNY Native Sean McLeod in 1993.