Because Change is Everything

Our Sponsorship Program offers your business an inspiration-based branding opportunity with results  that can make a difference. The Harriet Tubman Freedom Music Festival  celebrates women’s agency in American history and the fight for freedom. Your sponsorship  demonstrates your support of diversity and inclusion with an awe inspiring concert that  celebrates  a slave woman who changed the world and is one of America’s greatest femaleicons. The Harriet Tubman Freedom Music Festival is a dynamic examination of one of  the triumphs of American history, delivered in the way that Americans most like it, as a rousing  music concert. The performance presents a variety of opportunities for meaningful  engagement with the audience. The Festival uses the Soundtrack’s music,  McLeod’s moving narration, additional regional and national performances, metaphors of Tubman’s life, and the reality of struggle to begin a  conversation on what it means to be free.


Sponsorship Package