A World-Class Celebration of 'What it Means to be Free'

Harriet Tubman Freedom Music Festival 2020

July 11, 2020

World Class Musicians gather in Central New York to honor the incredible legacy of Harriet Tubman through music!


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Featured Artists

Artists subject to change.

Noah Kellman (NYC)

Estee Bullock (NYC & Pennsylvania)

Jaylin Brown (Virginia)


Richie Melito (SYR)

Jake Lawless (Purchase)

Thomas Warfield (Rochester, NY)

We Have

National and International Musicians & Vocalists

The Harriet Tubman Freedom Music Festival concert takes place annually in July and is part of the New York Dance Festival!  The concert happens in Harriet Tubman’s home town of Auburn, NY with global support and goodwill.  The concert is a national gift where “A Soundtrack for Harriet Tubman” is shared while it’s tour allows creator Sean McLeod to collaborate with presenters and musicians in each city celebrating “What It Means to Be Free!”  The entire undertaking is a wondrous and inclusive community building event where local celebrities of giving can also be acknowledged.


We Present

World-class Performance

The annual concert headlines “A Soundtrack for Harriet Tubman” a revived score from a 1993 Harriet Tubman Musical composed by Sean McLeod and today is played by acclaimed musicians to give Harriet’s life a soundtrack, and presents local and regional artists who’s music inspires the voice of freedom.  The Harriet Tubman Freedom Music Festival is an open air (free to the public) concert of blues, jazz, and gospel music played in celebration of Harriet Tubman’s legacy and “What it means to be free!”. 

We Share

A powerful message of Freedom

The Harriet Tubman Freedom Music Festival shares a powerful message of Freedom. This event is poised to be the next Global Citizens Festival!  The Global Citizens Festival is a movement to end extreme poverty, and the Harriet Tubman Freedom Music Festival is a global “Celebration of What It Means to Be Free”!   

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Around the Nation

Check out highlights, guest artists, and communities around the Nation that have experienced the Harriet Tubman Freedom Music Festival on Tour.  See their cultural experiences and how their community was impacted.

2019 Harriet Tubman Freedom Awards
July 13, 2019 NYS Equal Rights Heritage Center, Auburn NY Made Possible By: New York
Harriet Tubman Freedom Music Festival 2018 – This Little Light of Mine
International Performer Sean McLeod with Edgar Pagan and GPL kicks off the 2018 Harriet Tubman
“Goin Across That Land” – Limp Lizard
Location: Limp Lizard, Liverpool, NY
Harriet Tubman Freedom Awards & Gospel Brunch 2018
July 21, 2018 Holiday Inn, Auburn NY Made Possible By: New Millenium Auto Brokers, A&M

Year Old Music


People touched


Cities Toured

The World-Class Artists that bring it all to life!

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Sean McLeod
Sean McLeod
Sean McLeod is an award winning Businessman, Executive Producer, Artistic Ambassador, and American Choreographer whose work spans more than 25
Devon McLeod
Devon McLeod
Devon McLeod is a business minded, Marketing & Consulting Industry focused executive in training who holds a Bachelor of Science
Kierstyn Zaykoski
Kierstyn Zaykoski
Kierstyn Zaykoski is Director of Operations for the New York Institute of Dance & Education, the New York Dance Festival, Reaching
Tanya Ortega
Tanya Ortega
Founder, National Parks Arts Foundation NPAF is a non-profit 501(c)(3) foundation. The National Parks Arts Foundation (NPAF)is organized and operated
Jerami Kipp
Jerami Kipp
Jerami Kipp, is Director of Services of the New York Institute of Dance & Education and the New York Dance
Edward Rosado
Edward Rosado
NYS Equal Rights Heritage Center
NYS Equal Rights Heritage Center
Welcome to Auburn! Located on the former site of the Women’s Educational and Industrial Union, the NYS Equal Rights Heritage
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